PASS is an established partner for providing production solutions in the electronics field. Multiple solutions have been successfully designed and installed for the rigid board (hybrid, DBC, Wafer, …) and flexible board (MLCC, LTCC, PET, …) applications.We are especially accomplished in fields that require high precision such as fine line conductors in the lower µm range (e.g. 1~50µm) and high precision Vias (e.g. 5~100µm).With our team of engineers we also provide after sales support and installation in local markets and local language.


Our team has great experience working in the fields of PCB, Multilayer ceramic production, Packaging and others. With this wide base of knowledge we can evaluate the customers requirements not only from a single machine and production step requirement, but in perspective of the steps before and after the process to together define the best available solutions.

Team Pass System Supply

Geographical Presence


In 2020 we installed our first fully automatic line with 100% inspection, screen printing, drying and marking and automatic setup.Our future outlook is to assist our customers in further integrated solutions, enabling customers to provide the production of future electronics2020

In 2017 the first fully automatic lines with MES connection and automatic integration into a complete production line was delivered.2017

Since 2016 we have been installing machines in Malaysia2016

Since 2015 we have been installing machines in Korea2015

Since 2014 we have been installing machines in the Philippines2014

In 2013 PASS provided complete island solutions with automatic loading and unloading to customers ensuring a future driven production, reducing scrap and improving the capabilities of the customers.2013

Since 2009 machines have been installed in Taiwan2009

Since 2008 machines have been installed in China, which are in production until this day.2008

Pacific Asian System Supply was founded in 2007 with the vision of the four founding partners to provide European solutions to the Asian markets. In order to provide sophisticated and tailor made solutions for full production automation and lines, the PASS team was selected to be able to communicate the advantages to the customer and help the customer implement these advantages in their productions.2007