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Stacking Machine

stacking machine

We at KMS Automation GmbH dedicate our work and our skills to the best possible solution for our customer’s projects. In the beginning, there is in most cases a technical challenge, which we try to solve according to our philoso- phy KMS Automation cares for absolute precision and incorruptibility for all quality issues. We have the ambition to find the optimal solution for your problem. Such a solution can never be single-sided, it can only originate from a true cooperation.That we in general succeed, speaks for the small difference, which is the reason for our customers to trust our ideas and expertise for the solution of their problems. For knowledge plus technology plus quality yield a totally proper and process-safe solution. In the end, there is often a long standing good partnership. KMS Automation GmbH maintains its own Technology Center for strategic and customer-specific research and development work.

General Specification

Material sizeup to 300x300mm

Thickness0.001 ~ 200mm

Typetacking, edge lamination, full lamination, mix

Accurancyup to +/- 0.005mm


Manually Loaded

Manually Loaded Stacking Machine


Technical data, stacking unit

  • CCD alignment accuracy
    +/- 5 um
  • Area press force with 8 lamination bars 18mm x 4,0mm
    20-2000 N/cm2
  • Parallelism of lamination bars to Sheet support

    +/- 10um
  • Press temperature max.
    250 °C