Automatic Electrical Test Machine Supplier

automatic electrical test machine

Our goal is to regain lost market share for belt based termination machines and cost effective upgrades with lower cost, higher performance tooling, with gain new maket share through the introduction of innovation process and demonstrate through our actions that chip start technology is a leader in customer service and support.

General Specification

Chip Size0201 to 127mm square

Throughputup to 300.000 chips/hours


Test Contactarray, End, Long Side


End Termination Tester

ESI 3300A/3340/3350 tester

  1. Test plate
  2. Vacuum ring
  3. Computer upgrade
  4. 5412 power supply
  5. Flashmeter

Array Termination Machine

84xx series

Model 8400
High-Speed Array Test System

Model 8430 (FT)
High-Speed Feed-Thru Test System


Chip size:
0402 to 0612

Cap/DF, Flash, high/Low, Volt IR and Cross Check testing of capacitor arrays

84xx series

  • Sliding contacts
  • NPP Problem
  • Maximize your chip production
  • Improve Yield Rate
  • Reduce Cost
  • Reduce system down time

Chip Star 84xx Tester System

Old ESI test machine parts & support

  1. Test plate
  2. Electrode
  3. Computer upgrade
  4. 5412 power supply
  5. Flashmeter